Our Mission

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This firm has as its sole commercial purpose the objective of increasing the net financial worth of its clients. It will adopt an aggressive, but dignified and totally professional marketing posture, and will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct. It will be acknowledged as the preeminent firm in the south central route 81 corridor.

Only the best people will be considered as team members. They will be proud to be a part of the firm and will benefit from above-average compensation, an excellent and enjoyable working environment, an opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth, and an involvement in the decision-making process within the firm. There will be a high level of trust and mutual respect among all team members, the owner and clients. Every person within the firm will understand and subscribe to the mission of the firm and the role they play in accomplishing that mission.

The owner of the firm will place the welfare of the firm and that of its clients above his own self-interests. However, it will always be understood that the owner of the firm can expect to receive fair compensation reflecting the value of his contribution and the capital he has invested.

The firm will be innovative in its service line development and will be guided by its principal purpose being to increase the net worth of its present and future clients. The services offered will be clearly defined, highly structured (systemized) and priced in accordance to the value they represent to the client.